My time in Canada… so far!

So 2014 saw a huge change for me – moving across the pond to Toronto, Canada!

Knowing noone in the city has meant it’s taken me a few months to get a network of singers and therefore I haven’t been as active in local societies or groups as I’d ideally liked. However, I haven’t been taking it easy! I’ve been learning new repertoire with my fabulous new teacher – Elizabeth MacDonald, and taking part in as many community theatre groups as will have me!

This meant that in January 2014 I helped out backstage with St Anne’s Music and Drama Society (MADS) and their performance of “Princess Ida”. Having met this group, I quickly became involved with a touring concert group, meaning my evenings have been pretty busy!

My first on-stage appearance was in “Patience” with North Toronto Players in February, who I joined when a cast member broke their leg in the two weeks prior to the show! Finally, I then joined the University of Toronto for their production of “The Gondoliers”, meaning I’m well and truely within my G&S quota for the year!

Following in this ilke, I am joing Etobicoke for their production of “The Mikado” playing the role of Pitti-Sing. Hopefully my time here will allow me to get into auditions for te other groups in the autumn!

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