‘Mimi (Hannah Coleman) had the strongest presence in the room… this naturally afforded her an authority on stage, but her performance was also confident and at-ease.’

‘This was a well sung and well acted portrayal of one of the most celebrated soprano roles in opera.’

‘You definitely used your powerful but well-controlled voice to great effect in telling your story and we felt for you every inch of the way.’

‘Hannah Coleman was a sensation in her ObR debut as Ilia’

‘Giulietta’s voice and vocal decisions clearly conveyed the same provocative elements that her costume makes clear immediately. The way Hannah Coleman used her voice, breathing through certain words, sirening over notes in places and sensually half-speaking certain lines suited this Courtesan character, but nevertheless this voice, when employed, was rich and full-bodied. A very good and enjoyable performance.’

‘This comedy cameo [performed by Hannah Coleman] was appreciated by the audience, the interaction with the young Vixen was a highlight and pleasantly sung’

‘Hannah played this part with enthusiasm, great seduction and sex appeal, the famous “Barcarolle was beautifully performed with Nicola their voices blending well together. Congratulations on well thought out portrayal ,and excellent characterisation.’

‘Hannah has a good strong clear voice and we saw the many sides of her character from the lovelorn lass to the declaration of their love we experienced the whole range of her emotions with her. There was the spark between her and Ralph, but there was also the obedient daughter, but also a confident woman who had her own mind. This was an excellent portrayal.’

‘As Josephine, the Captain’s daughter, Hannah rose to the challenge superbly, with excellent, powerful soprano and a clear understanding of the role.’

‘Hannah ran the gamut of all these emotions and never once wavered from her character, this was a touching performance and Hannah has a strong singing voice which came to the fore in her song’

‘Hannah Coleman, who was also in fine voice as Iolanthe….played this scene with delicate sincerity’

‘A lovely soprano voice did full justice to the demands of the role. The motherly interaction with Strephon was touchingly sincere. ‘My Lord, A Suppliant at your Feet’ was a special recitative ballad to launch the sparkling finale’

‘Leading Lady Hannah Coleman, who played Yum-Yum, had a beautiful singing voice’

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